Takeshi Nakatani

I was born in 1960 in Ise, Japan. I lived in New York from 1984 to 1992. After leaving New York at the end of 1992, I moved back to Ise City
and subsequently held various art exhibitions. As an artist, I specialize in oil, watercolors and India ink paintings. I also act as a creative director
for designing and creating for projects that involve the culture of Ise City.

I am very keen on finding something that is hidden, obscure or something that has been forgotten over time. And after I find that certain something,
I like to alter it slightly before ultimately presenting it to the public. I like the idea of reassigning new value to something. I love the process of
renewal and passing something on, into the future, and I especially like doing this within Ise City.

My personal website:   >>> www.takeshinakatani.jp 
EMELON - This is where I work with my colleagues to design projects focused on our local town of Ise, Japan:   >>> www.emelon.net
My personal blog entitled “NEWSBOY” is where I introduce some of my work and other related activities:
(Please note that the posts are written in Japanese; however, I invite you to take a look at some of the pictures since the art may “speak”
to you in a more universal language. (I hope you find them of some interest to you.)  >>> http://yellow.ap.teacup.com/t_emelon

The following are projects I am involved with as a creative director:

market on the eighth
This is a self-brand of mine. It's insired by the essentials of the univers; earth, water, fire, wind and air. All combined to create a sense of nothingness.

Amaterasu Omikami is the Japanese goddess of the sun. And every morning, she reappears as a new sunrise on the eastern horizon. Based on the
premise of forever new, the Shinto ceremony of Shikinen Sengu is conducted every twenty years as a literal symbol of renewal wherein the buildings
and structures of Jingu Shrine are rebuilt and rededicated to the never-ending spirit of the Japanese people. The next Shikinen Sengu will be
completed in 2033. We hope the “2033” message grows to symbolize the never-ending opportunities we have to pause and reflect on the rich history
and traditions of our wonderful city.

This is a collaborative business between Yuki Hashimoto, the manager of EMELON and myself, the creative director. The motto of EMELON is
“Making Ise more enjoyable”. EMELON consists of a shop (monnalisa), food (satonaka cookies) .
EMELON holds several special events throughout the year.